Language Enrichment Activities

1. Batch: This class is highly suitable for learners looking for exposure. Combining students together in the class to introspect their flaws and area to improve further.
2. Individual : These classes are highly recommended for students with busy schedule, unsuited timings of the batch classes or if in need of customised classes for more focus. These are highly eligible for customization and at any time suitable for the student.
3. Mixed arts: These sessions are precisely available at annual holidays for the children. They can also learn drawing, painting, craftworks, calligraphy, Zumba dance, jewellery making along with fully focused language improvement.
4. Phonic: Students thriving to learn phonetics for better language, they can be satifies by these phonic classes. It further classified for different level of learners:
a. For children at KG to IV (base level) : Basic phonetics, funday celebrations, activities to analyse the distinction from each other sounds. Completely building the foundation.
b. For children above grade V: Intermediate level of phonetics including base level, pronunciation, accent analysation, etc., Focusing on the language delievery techniques.
5. Super Kid: These sessions are post-School tutors on general concepts in the subjects of English, Maths and EVS. It is highly focused on concept analyzation with practical classes at every weekend. Children from Grade I to II can participate and benefit themselves.
6. Faculty training: These sessions are routinely conducted for the faculty members to enhance their professionalism especially in teaching techniques. These helps the faculty members to analyse and persuade differ types of students by getting themselves into their understanding capacity.
7. Weekly workshops: Presenting language workshops for the students of all the batches. Literally, everyone, parents, students, housewives, etc., from all the surrounding participate and explore things. Special guests are invited to conduct the workshop.
8. Weekly and monthly events: a. Quiz competition: Conducting quiz and gaming session weekly and monthly once to make them involved in their learning. These quiz sessions concentrate on various subjects depending on their performance at other classes.

Routine Events

1. Speaker’s Time: A speaking event where the students and participants are given different topics to persuade on. They expose their views and opinions on current issues, educational development, etc. It is conducted on weekly basis to engage their students without any pause.
2. Quiz Quench: This a quiz competition conducted for the students. All the students from various sessions provided are meet up in one place and explode into stars.
3. Language lines: This is drawing and oral competition for all the students of FSECC. Students can participate to showcase their sketching talents on given topics. Meanwhile, they do sing as showing respect and gratefulness to the teachers.
4. Writing Competitions: Students with great creativewriting ability can surely participate to showcase their drawing and speaking talents. People can write about anything… and finally catch up the rewards which indirectly helps in grooming of themselves.
5. Go grammar: This is a quiz competition consist of questions mainly on grammar. Quiz like these helps the aspiring speakers to introspect the way of thinking while handling the grammar.
Levels of classes they conduct: Basic, Intermediate(Phase:1), Intermediate(phase:2), KG level.