Greetings from Vibgyor Education Management, We are currently looking for schools to provide educational services from our management. To avail the services, we are opening the membership for you to collaborate with us. To get the membership, premium amount of ₹25000/- p.a. We undertake the events and courses whenever possible within the year.The premium amount of ₹10000/- can be paid in instalment. This can use the services according to your requirements.


1. Institute branding: Taking up major activities and events to promote your brand/ management.
2. Faculty recruitment: Supplying highly qualified and experienced teachers for the core subjects and for additional support.
3.Faculty training: Provided to the faculty panel in an organization. Training them on teaching methodologies and language training.
4. Admissions: Accepting and promoting new admission.
5. Enrichment activities: Taking up the students and faculty members with ice-breaking sessions and group activities.
6. Education support activities: Providing subject trainers and books including core subject books, language books and many more.
7. Expo: Conducting expo at national and international level, integrating all schools for awareness, book fare, social gathering, etc.,
8. Science exhibition: Integrating all schools for exhibition to scrutinize the best project and promoting it in all the platforms.
9. Sports activities: conducting sports events: an inter-school meet. Choosing the best player and recommending them for upcoming events through their school.
10. Research activities:Integrating colleges to present their research works and choosing the best; giving opportunities to expose – publish books.
11. Integrated activities along with the institute:we officially integratethe schools and colleges for these activities and creatl a dashboard for best performing schools and taking them further progressed.
VEM officially collaborates activity in the nameFluence Spoken English Academy for language training and services. We are currently providing students with language training on all levels from basic to intermediate levels. We organise free and paid programme on language enrichment.
1. Workshops: Conducting language workshopweekly and monthly for the school students and teachers. This helps them to know the progress to maintain in language learning. Also introducing them their personalised courses.
2. CBSE and ICSE training: Providing training packages to train students on English board exam. These packages are ideal for students to build a strong foundation in their language and to perform in a great way in their exams.
Conferences: Introducing conferences to the teachers, students, academicians, researchers, professionals to showcase their works, research in current affairs, language, English enrichment process and many more debating topics. Monthly course according to their grade and levels: We also provide elementary courses for kids, basic English foundation from the primary level.
3. Language orientation classes: Weekly and monthly sessions for children on language enrichment.
4. Personality development classes: Frequent sessions for students and teachers on personality development.
5. Conferences: Conducting conferences for teachers to enhance the teaching methodologies and further training techniques.
6. Customized classes: Customising classes according to the needs of the school.
7. Language competitions: Organising integrated school language discussion, quiz, and competence tests.
Note: All the events are rewarded with certificates and momento from our management.


For more details and customised services.
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